Does My Child Need Kiddo Communication?

The following are reasons why you should contact us today!

Speech/Language Checklist 

- Does not babble or attempt to talk by one year of age
- No words produced consistently by 16 months
- Delayed development of vocabulary, concepts and grammar
- Absent pointing by one year of age
- Does not talk or uses more gestures than words by 2 years of age
- Speech and Language is different from children of the same age
- Limited sound repertoire
- Leaving off first sound of a word
- Inconsistent sound errors
- Speech is difficult for strangers to understand
- Increased frustration during communication attempts
- Increased need for repetition for response to commands, questions
- Decreased/lack of appropriate play skills
- Randomly says a word accurately, then doesn’t use it again
- Decreased interest in social situations by age 24 months
- Decreased eye contact
- Delayed response time
- Decreased need to communicate wants and needs to others
- Lack of imitation skills
- Difficulty with transitions
- Preservative or repetitive behaviors
- Loss of skills previously mastered

Oral Motor/Feeding Checklist

-drooling issues
-gaging/choking/vomiting food
-can not chew food
-can not drink from an open cup by age appropriate age
-can not drink from a straw by age appropriate age
-picky eater
-will not touch, try and or taste different foods that other children of the same age eat
-sucks thumb and you are unable to help your child stop

If you answered yes to any of these questions, please connect with us today by visiting the Contact Page!

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